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Harvard Travel Registry

Students traveling abroad on trips funded or arranged by Harvard or who will receive Harvard credit during their travel are required to record their itineraries in the Harvard Travel Registry. It is strongly recommended that faculty and staff also register their travel plans. Doing so will help Harvard quickly locate students, staff, and faculty in the event of an emergency (i.e. natural disaster, civil unrest, etc.) and then provide assistance to the best of our ability. Record your information as soon as your trip is booked and then make sure the information stays up-to-date.

To register your travel, visit the Harvard Travel Registry.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Harvard Travel Registry (updated April, 2013).



If you manage groups of students traveling abroad you may chose to enter their travel information for them via a “batch upload” rather than asking the students to register themselves.  Although the batch upload requires a bit more administrative effort on the front end, it is the easiest way to guarantee that the students’ travel information is registered.

To request a batch upload for a group of travelers, follow the steps below. Please send the completed Travel Import Worksheet at least one week prior to the group’s departure:

  1. Download and complete the Travel Import Worksheet, following the instructions provided in the Travel Import Worksheet Instructions.
  2. Send the completed worksheet, saved in Excel 2003 format, via secure file transfer (such as Accellion) to For more information about Accellion file transfer click here or refer to the Getting Started Guide.
  3. Global Support Services will upload the information to the Travel Registry. Once the upload is complete, travelers will receive an email notification reminding them to update their information as necessary.

Please contact us at 617-495-1111 or if you have any questions regarding the batch upload process.

To verify whether or not students have completed this requirement, please log in to the Undergraduate Pre-Travel Verification iSite.


Harvard Travel Registry Manager Portal