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Preparing an International Project Proposal

For sponsored programs, the standard application provided by the sponsor is usually sufficient for Provost’s review.

For non-sponsored programs, you should prepare a proposal that covers the topics outlined below, as applicable. For assistance, contact the Senior Assistant Provost for International Affairs, Todd Washburn, at


  • Summary of the program and its purpose


  • Academic justification for the program
  • Program beneficiaries (e.g., faculty, students, and other schools or internal organizations)
  • Program's consistency with vision of the School and University
  • Services to be provided to Harvard faculty/staff (country experts and non-experts), to Harvard students and/or local students, and/or to the local community
  • Planned or possible collaboration with other segments of the University or other institutions
  • Anticipated duration of program
  • Other considerations such as alumni affairs, endowment funding sources, etc.
  • If applicable, request for the use of the Harvard name and discussion of how it will be used

Program Plan

Although there isn’t a defined format for the plan, a partial list of items includes:

  • Description of steps in the process and planned timeline
  • Facilities and materials required, including whether the lease or acquisition of space to establish an office will be necessary
  • Structure for day-to-day program management
  • High-level budget and planned sources of funding
  • Expected size of staff and outline of roles
  • Staffing sources (e.g. Harvard employees relocated to overseas site, local hires, etc.)
  • Organizational chart or description of governance structure, especially as it relates to Cambridge-based entities
  • Description of how activity will be reviewed and how often
  • Criteria for program termination
  • Need for local advisory committee