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During an Incident

If you need help while on a Harvard-related trip:

  1. Call the local equivalent of "911," if appropriate. Review the U.S. State Department’s global "911" list.
  2. Call Harvard Travel Assist for additional help: +1-617-998-0000.
    If you can't call, email with "Urgent" at the start of your subject line if it's an emergency. The phone line is answered immediately; an email response may take up to four hours for urgent requests and up to 24 hours for non-urgent requests.

If you’re unsure whether local emergency services can be trusted or can provide adequate care, then your first point of contact should be Harvard Travel Assist. Case managers are available to help you 24/7/365. If you contact Harvard Travel Assist regarding an incident, you will usually be communicating directly with The Anvil Group or Healix International, our security and medical partners.

Harvard Travel Assist may alert GSS to your call. This standard procedure enables case managers to confirm that you're eligible for Harvard Travel Assist and enables the University to provide further assistance if you need it.

After an Incident

When it's safe to do so, report the incident to us, especially if you didn't report the incident to Harvard Travel Assist. Doing so allows our Safety & Security team to track incident patterns and properly advise and prepare future travelers. We treat all incident reports as confidential and limit access to those responding to the incident.

Additional support and reporting resources at Harvard include: