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Medical, Security, & Evacuation Assistance

Whether minor or serious, Harvard Travel Assist is available to help you during and after a medical or security incident abroad. 

If you need help while on a Harvard-related trip:

  1. Call the local equivalent of "911," if appropriate. Review the U.S. State Department’s global "911" list.
  2. Call Harvard Travel Assist for additional help: +1-617-998-0000.
    If you can't call, email with "Urgent" at the start of your subject line if it's an emergency. The phone line is answered immediately; an email response may take four hours for urgent requests and 24 hours for non-urgent requests.

If you’re unsure whether local emergency services can be trusted or can provide adequate care, then your first point of contact should be Harvard Travel Assist.

Medical Assistance

  • 24-hour access to physicians who provide emergency and routine medical advice
  • 24-hour access to medical information, referrals, and emergency assistance
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Repatriation for medical treatment
  • Repatriation of human remains
  • Post-sexual assault support and counseling
  • Assistance with documentation for insurance claims
  • Medical, dental, and counseling referrals*
  • Medical expenses guarantee and payment*
  • Hotel arrangements for outpatient care*
  • Arrangement of ground transportation and accommodation for accompanying family members*
  • Dispatch of prescription medication and medical equipment*

Security Assistance

  • Access to security advice and consultations
  • Security evacuation assistance**

Travel Assistance

  • Legal referrals*
  • Emergency message transmission*
  • Lost document advice and assistance*
  • Emergency translation services*

Information Privacy

Appropriate University staff may be informed of information critical to case management and response services. All case details are treated with the utmost discretion. Review our privacy policy for details.

*You or your insurance company may incur a charge if a third party is engaged to deliver services (e.g. health care providers, transportation, hotels, etc.).

**The basic security evacuation costs are covered if the evacuation is recommended and facilitated by our security partner.