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Report an Incident

While abroad, report any serious medical or security incidents that you experience or witness to our International Safety & Security team. Doing so enables us to track incident patterns, educate future Harvard travelers, and ensure you receive the proper support.

Reportable incidents include illnesses and injuries (needing a health care professional), accidents, crimes of all kinds, missing persons, harassment, property damage, and incidents that forced a significant itinerary change.

When to File a Report

If you didn’t report the incident or request help through Harvard Travel Assist, then you should file an incident report with our International Safety & Security team after all urgent issues have been addressed, and preferably within 72 hours of the event.

How to File a Report

There are three ways to file a report:

  1. Submit via our secure incident report webform.
  2. Email with the subject line "Incident Report" and as much of the information outlined below as possible.
  3. Call us directly at +1-617-495-1111 if you don't have access to email. This phone line is only answered during business hours, but you can leave a message and one of our International Safety & Security team members will contact you.

Information to include in an emailed report:


  • Individuals or groups involved in the incident
  • Individual's or group's Harvard affiliation
  • Name of Harvard program the involved parties are participating in (if applicable)


  • Description of what happened
  • Whether it was a medical or security incident, or both
  • Factors that contributed to the incident (e.g. alcohol, weather, etc.)


  • Date and time of the incident
  • Activity at the time of the incident (e.g. field trip, free time, research, etc.)


  • Address where the incident occurred (as specific as possible)
  • Context about the location (e.g. in front of student's lodging, on street frequently traveled by students, etc.)

Action Taken

  • Action taken at the time (e.g. contacted Harvard Travel Assist, sought medical attention, called the police, etc.)
  • Action that still needs to be taken (e.g. counseling for victim, replacing a stolen passport, etc.)
  • Lessons that might help others prevent incident in the future (e.g. locking doors, hiding money, identifying a different housing option, etc.)

Contact Information

  • Your contact information
  • Contact information for those involved in the incident (if applicable/possible)
  • Whether or not we can contact you with questions or to request additional information

Privacy and Use of Information

We rely on incident reports to monitor the safety and security of Harvard travelers, and to help us prepare and advise future travelers. Collective data and trends may be published, but individual incident reports, including the names of those involved in or reporting an incident, are treated as confidential and shared only on a need-to-know basis. Review our privacy policy for details.