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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the travel registration FAQs below, and contact us if your question hasn’t yet been answered.

International SOS

International SOS MyTrips collects travel itineraries and contact information for Harvard affiliates traveling internationally. This information enables us and International SOS to quickly contact you in the event of an emergency (i.e. natural disaster, civil unrest, etc.), so that we can account for affected Harvard travelers and provide assistance to the best of our ability through International SOS.

All Harvard students, faculty, staff, and other academics use International SOS MyTrips.

Students are required to register travel on trips funded or organized by Harvard. It's also required on trips involving Harvard credit.

We strongly encourage faculty and staff to register any Harvard-related trips so that Harvard and International SOS can help you during an emergency.

During a critical incident, members of the International Emergency Management Team (IEMT) rely on data in MyTrips to account for and contact affected travelers.

Not necessarily. Review the eligibility guidelines and check your eligibility for International SOS.

Eligibility is not tied to registration, but not registering your trip may slow down or impede assistance from International SOS and the University during an emergency.

When an incident occurs abroad, we look to MyTrips to inform us of travelers in the region. If we don’t know you’re in the area of an attack or disaster, then we don’t know to contact you and offer assistance. It’s in your best interest to register your trip. 

Review the eligibility guidelines and check your eligibility to determine if your trip is covered.

Registering or Editing Your Own Trip

Log in to International SOS MyTrips with your Harvard email address. The first time you use MyTrips, you'll need to register as a new user and create your profile.

If you don’t have a Harvard email address, contact us at or +1-617-495-1111.

Always register before you leave on your trip. You’re encouraged to register as soon as you make your initial plans. You can update your itinerary if it changes.

You should also update your contact information if you get a local cell phone number once in country.

Yes. Enter as much information as you have for a given trip, even if you only know your expected travel dates and the city and country of your accommodation. You can save the trip and return to update it later.

Skip sections that you don’t have complete information for yet. Don’t begin to enter details for a given section until you’re ready to enter all required fields (*) for that section.

Log in to International SOS MyTrips with your Harvard email address. From within your profile, click on the trip name that you wish to edit.

Then click on the tab that you wish to add to or edit (flight, accommodation, train, ground transportation). Click the save button within each tab you add to or edit.

Lastly, click "Save Trip Information" at the top of the webpage to save all of your new or updated trip information.

To edit a trip for an individual without a Harvard email address, for example a spouse or dependent traveling with you, contact us at or +1-617-495-1111.

Partial itineraries from BCD Travel, Egencia, HTT Travel, Milne Travel, OT&T Travel, Protravel, and Travel Collaborative automatically import into International SOS MyTrips as long as you're the only person on the itinerary and your first name, last name, and email address match what you have in your MyTrips profile.

Additionally, the agency data does not provide sufficient detail to contact you in an emergency, so we strongly suggest you log in to International SOS MyTrips to update your profile with your preferred contact information and an emergency contact.

Yes. You should register with your embassy whenever you travel internationally. International SOS MyTrips information is not forwarded to any embassy or government agency.

Registration with an embassy enables the government to help you in circumstances where their assistance is critical (e.g. lost passports, arrests, natural disasters, etc.).

U.S. citizens can register with State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

Citizens of other countries may find it helpful to use's embassy/consulate search.

All registered Harvard students and Harvard faculty and staff on the Harvard University payroll are encouraged to register their personal international travel.

During an emergency abroad, International SOS and our staff rely on the information in MyTrips to inform us of any travelers in the region. Although personal trips are not eligible for the University's International SOS membership (unless it's within seven days before or after an eligible trip), we'll make our best effort to locate and, if possible, assist all Harvard travelers. Personal travelers, however, will likely incur the costs if services are rendered (e.g. emergency evacuation).

If you’re traveling abroad on vacation or another type of personal trip, we strongly encourage you to purchase your own evacuation insurance coverage. As a Harvard affiliate, International SOS membership discounts are available to you, your family, and dependents.

You should also check with your health insurance provider about your international coverage options and/or purchase an international plan. The U.S. State Department provides a comprehensive list of insurance providers.

Only if requested by your School or program. International SOS MyTrips is not intended to capture U.S. itineraries, and the University's International SOS membership does not include responding to incidents within the United States or U.S. territories.

If you need help during or after an emergency in the United States, call 9-1-1 for assistance.

Registering Others' Trips

If you're traveling with a spouse, dependent, or individual who doesn’t have a Harvard email address, contact us first at +1-617-495-1111 or

Once you've talked with us, follow the instructions for using the Travel Import Worksheet.

Yes. You’ll need to use the International Travel Import Worksheet to enter information on his/her behalf. At this time, you cannot enter someone else’s information directly into MyTrips. International SOS hopes to add this functionality in a future release.

Review the instructions for using the Travel Import Worksheet, and contact us if you need assistance.

Yes. Students are responsible for registering themselves, unless advised by their program that their registration has been completed for them. If your information is entered by program administrators, you’ll receive an email confirmation of the completed registration.

Even if your program processed your registration, you’re still responsible for keeping the information up-to-date (e.g. if phone numbers or itineraries change).

Student programs are required to ensure that all undergraduate students are registered in International SOS MyTrips. You have two options:.

  1. Collect all travel information centrally using the Travel Import Worksheet, and send it to us to be uploaded in bulk to MyTtrips.
  2. Have students register individually through International SOS MyTrips. You’ll need to verify they’ve completed this requirement. You can do so by contacting the Office of International Education (OIE). They manage a database that tracks and reports on the status of undergraduate students' travel requirements. Contact Camila Nardozzi or Nicole Garcia in OIE to request a report.

While you can’t log in to the site directly to verify others’ registrations, undergraduate program administrators can request a verification report from the Office of International Education (OIE). OIE manages a database that tracks and reports on the status of undergraduate students' travel requirements. Contact Camila Nardozzi or Nicole Garcia in OIE to request a report.

To check on the status of graduate student travel registrations, call us at +1-617-495-1111.