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There isn’t an international project too small or a destination too remote (except maybe outer space). We’ve seen a lot and helped our clients overcome legal complexities and security concerns to successfully and judiciously accomplish their goals. Opening an office in the desert? Check. Exporting and importing a monkey milk analyzer? Check. Coordinating a security detail and satellite communications for high-risk travel? Check.

One key to your success is to contact us as early as possible in your project or travel planning.

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Harvard Global Support Services
114 Mt. Auburn Street, 5th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138

Mondays–Fridays, 9 am-5 pm, excluding University holidays

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Joe O'Regan
International Safety & Security
  • Elizabeth Esparza
    Interim Associate Director
  • Tim Brokmeier
  • Heather Dunbar
    Planning and Administrative Coordinator
  • Jack Ferris
    Staff Assistant
Client Services
  • Alison Haight
    Associate Director; International Program Consultant for GSD, HKS, Radcliffe
  • Krister Anderson
    International Program Consultant for CADM, FAS, HDS, HSPH, SEAS
  • Morgan Brown
    Senior International Program Consultant for HBS, HGSE, HLS, HMS, HSDM
  • Liz Marr
    Communications & Training Development Manager
  • Katherine Steevens
Harvard Global Research and Support Services, Inc.
  • Belynda Bady
    Associate Director for Operations
  • Kate Apollo
    Finance Manager
  • Phyllis Frothingham
    Accounting Analyst
  • Blaga Ovcharova
    International Human Resources and Benefits Manager
  • Lia Tjahjana
    International Project Administrator
  • Parker Wellington III
    Senior International Project Manager