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Prepare Before You Go

We believe that when it comes to overseas travel and initiatives, one can never be too prepared. We offer a range of pre-departure resources to help you feel secure, informed, and confident about your upcoming travel.

Orientations and Consultations

Our online orientation and video resources are designed to prepare you for potential scenarios regarding your upcoming travel. We can also arrange a pre-departure consultation with one of our team members to address your specific program or needs. 

Forms and Checklists

Based on your international activity, you may be required to complete additional documentation. Check with your program administrator to verify which (if any) of the following forms you’re required to submit.

Policies and Requirements

The travel policies developed by University and School leadership are designed to balance your academic freedom and physical safety. Please review the applicable policies below to ensure you meet your pre-departure requirements.


Visa guidelines and documentation requirements can vary from country to country. Learn more about entry and exit requirements, and how to best prepare for your specific destination and activity.

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We offer tools and support to help you reach your international goals. Because it’s not just about where you’re going or what you’re doing, it’s how you get there.

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