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International Services with a Harvard Affiliation

For long-term projects that require a physical presence abroad, we offer a fee-for-service suite of operational capabilities through Harvard Global Research and Support Services, Inc. (“Harvard Global”), our affiliated nonprofit legal entity.

Harvard Global’s affiliation with Harvard University enables us to manage overseas operations in accordance with Harvard’s values and requirements, all while assuring faculty and staff control of academic programming and research projects.

We offer a competitive pricing structure for each service. Our standard, predictable service fee simplifies your budgeting and takes the guesswork out of international expenses.

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Office Administration

Managing an overseas office or long-term program is like starting and running a small business. We can manage the financial, legal, and administrative operations to establish your overseas office or lab and keep it running smoothly so that you can focus on programming and activities.

This service is ideal for Harvard-affiliated programs with appropriate financial backing who are seeking a long-term presence abroad (generally five years or more) for office or lab space, employment, or banking. Each program’s pricing structure is unique based on the location, duration, and scope of your project.

Office Administration Service


Hiring staff for overseas projects can be enormously complex. We can employ and manage payroll for your faculty and project staff based abroad to ensure they’re paid on time, in the proper currency, and in accordance with each country's employment laws and practices.

This service is ideal for long-term employment (minimum six months) of U.S. expatriates, third-country nationals, and host-country nationals working on Harvard-affiliated projects abroad. We offer two pricing tiers to manage the financial and administrative functions, which depend on your project's needs and the selected country's regulations.

Employment Service

Gift Administration

In certain countries, we can receive and manage current-use gifts from a local donor that you’ve identified to support your in-country activities. Our affiliation with Harvard ensures we adhere to University standards while enabling you to access more donors and accept gifts in situations where the University may not otherwise be able to do so. The cost to receive gifts is rolled into in the service fee to operate your program overseas.

Gift Administration Service

Grant Administration

Because we’re a separate legal entity, we're able to help you pursue grant opportunities that the University otherwise cannot pursue due to funder requirements. Working closely with the Office for Sponsored Programs, we can accept and manage funding from particular grantors to support your research activities both in the U.S. and abroad. For our services, we retain 26 percent of the indirect cost.

Grant Administration Service