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Planning Your Project

Overwhelmed with where to start? Here’s a handy breakdown of the steps you need to take to get your international project approved and off the ground, plus tools and resources to help you streamline your planning. And we’re here to advise you each step of the way—from proposal to implementation and the ongoing management of your international activity.

Browse the topics below, and review the simple steps you can take to plan for your international programs, activities, and travel.

Approvals for Your Activity

Many international projects or programs require University or School approvals. Review the requirements for sponsored programs, non-sponsored programs, Provostial review, and the University Committee on International Projects and Sites. We can help you determine if you need approval and develop a strong plan.

Approval Process

Budgeting and Expenses

Prepare and budget for the unique costs associated with international projects, including currency fluctuations, taxes, and the unexpected. We can help you plan for and estimate the costs applicable to your program.

Budgeting for Your Project

Data Security

Cyberattacks and cyber monitoring are becoming more prolific and sophisticated. To protect your devices and the data on your devices—especially if you're conducting research—you need to develop a data security plan that serves your project’s needs and adheres to the laws of your destination.

IT & Data Security

Health & Safety

What’s the health and safety situation in the country where your activity is taking place? Thorough security planning is essential for a successful international project—even in locations you feel are safe. Our team of security professionals can advise you and help you develop a strong plan to mitigate risks to you and your project’s participants.

Safety & Security

Leading Student Groups

If your program involves Harvard students, ensure you're adhering to the University's travel policies and pre-departure requirements. Planning ahead for students' health and safety abroad helps to minimizes risks to your travelers and to the University.

Leading Student Groups

Renting or Buying Space

You may need additional approvals if your project involves leasing or purchasing space. These activities can trigger tax liability and requirements to register with local governments. Consider the requirements and the review and approval process to rent or buy space abroad.

Renting or Buying Space