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Student Travel Policies

The student travel policies apply to undergraduate students, post-baccalaureate fellows, and graduate students traveling internationally with Harvard sponsorship. These policies, which were developed by University and School leadership, are designed to balance your academic freedom and your physical safety.

Review the policy closely to ensure you meet your pre-departure requirements in a timely manner to receive funding or credit.

Harvard College International Travel Policy

Graduate and Professional Student International Travel Policy

Student Pre-Departure Requirements

Students traveling with Harvard sponsorship must complete several pre-departure requirements. Some requirements pertain to all students; other requirements are location based. Your School or funding department may have additional requirements, which you should confirm with the appropriate staff or faculty member.

Student Requirements List

University Travel & Reimbursement Policy

Review the University's financial policy on travel. It includes information on international travel registration requirements and how Harvard University will reimburse individuals for travel expenses incurred while conducting University business.

University Travel & Reimbursement Policy