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Registering with International SOS is one of the most important things to do before leaving campus. In the event of an emergency or incident abroad, we’ll attempt to contact you via email, SMS, or a phone call to confirm your well-being and provide help. Other benefits include access to country-specific advice, security alerts, and more.

Registration is required for all Harvard affiliates—faculty, staff, students, and researchers—traveling internationally with Harvard sponsorship, on University business, or on a University-related trip.

Register Your Own Trip

Travel safe and travel smart. It only takes two steps to register your own trip, and you have four options to choose from.

Register Your Own Trip

Register a Group

To quickly register a group of Harvard-sponsored travelers (at least two or more people), you can use the Group Travel Registration Worksheet. Common users of the worksheet are program administrators registering a group of students on a study abroad trip, class-related trip, or athletic team trip.

Register a Group

Register for Someone Else

If you need to register a trip on behalf of an individual, you can use itinerary forwarding. Common users include staff assistants registering trips on behalf of their managers, and Harvard affiliates registering trips on behalf of their spouses or partners accompanying them on their Harvard-related trips.

Register on behalf of Someone Else

Proof of Registration

Per the University’s travel policy, you must submit proof of registration with your travel expense reimbursement request. There are four ways to do so.

Proof of Registration for Reimbursement

Registration FAQs

You have questions, we have answers. Browse our travel registration FAQs and contact us if your question hasn’t yet been answered.

Travel Registration FAQs

"The presentation I saw at my department function really helped me to understand how useful registering my trip with [International SOS] can be.... While I have never experienced a problem while traveling that would need to involve [them], it is great to have this assistance as a known resource if I ever did encounter any difficulties.”

– Harvard staff member