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Register Your Own Trip

Before you depart, do the smart thing and register your travel with International SOS.

Step 1: Create a Profile

First, create your traveler profile in International SOS MyTrips. Include your Harvard ID, status, affiliation, contact information, and emergency contact information.

If you already have a profile, you can skip this one-time step and jump to step 2.

International SOS MyTrips

Step 2: Enter Your Itinerary

You have four options for how to register your trip. No matter which way you choose, it's important you keep your trip information up-to-date so we can focus our efforts appropriately during an emergency.

Option 1: Register via MyTrips

Create a new trip in your International SOS MyTrips profile. Enter trip details, including flights, lodging, and ground transportation information. You'll receive a confirmation email, usually within one hour.

No flights or lodging booked yet? You can still register your anticipated dates and location (city/country) using the "Accommodation" tab. Be sure to save your information. Once you've booked your flights and accommodation, log into MyTrips and update your information manually.

International SOS MyTrips

Option 2: Automatic Registration via Harvard’s Preferred Travel Agencies

If you book your travel through one of Harvard’s preferred travel agencies, your trip details are automatically registered in International SOS MyTrips. Your first name, last name, and email address used to book your travel must match the information in your MyTrips profile.

You should still log in to MyTrips to make sure the imported travel information is correct or to add additional details.

International SOS MyTrips

Option 3: Register via Email Forwarding

If you've booked all of your trip details, registering can be as easy as forwarding an email. Once you've created your International SOS MyTrips profile, simply forward your own reservation confirmation email(s) for your flights, lodging, and ground transit to Your first name, last name, and email address on your reservation confirmation emails must match the information in your MyTrips profile.

Option 4: Register via the Mobile App

Simply tap "Create a Trip" in the Assistance App and enter the details for your flights, accommodation(s), train, and/or other ground transportation. You can enter all information at once or add to and/or delete your itinerary as needed.

Assistance App

Unlock Your Benefits

By simply registering your travel with International SOS, you get access to country-specific advice, security alerts, and more. 

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"Make sure you register your trip information. I was in Mexico during [an] earthquake and having entered my information helped Harvard reach out to me."

– Harvard graduate student

Alert Your Embassy

After registering with International SOS, you're strongly encouraged to register with the embassy of your country of citizenship.

US Citizens: Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

Non-US citizens: list of embassies and consulates in the US