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Planning a Successful Activity Abroad

Whether you’re organizing an international conference or setting up a research project abroad, we’re here to provide guidance along the way. Although there are some similarities between operating in the U.S. and a foreign country, there are also many administrative, legal, and financial differences that must be factored into your planning.

Program Development

A successful plan starts here. Learn about the program approval process, how to budget for your project, and best practices for keeping personnel and data safe.


Does your program require staffing abroad? Learn how to outline your project needs and factor in laws, taxes, and immigration—then evaluate your options.


Get up-to-speed on the various methods of making payments abroad, along with any insurance and tax requirements, so you can keep your finances and project running smoothly.

Legal Matters

Protect your project and staff by understanding the types of contracts to use, how to ship or transfer goods across borders, the laws of your host country, as well as U.S. laws that apply to you abroad.

Research Center Operations

Maximize operational efficiency by taking advantage of a suite of administrative management services available to you—including payroll and benefits, office administration, and gift and grant services.

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