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Diversity Abroad Membership Promotes Global Education Opportunities

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Julia Ernst '17, Ecuador

Harvard students, faculty, and staff will benefit from resources that help advance access, diversity, equity, and inclusion in global education.

Membership in Consortium Advances Access and Inclusion for Underrepresented Groups

Harvard GSS and the Office of International Education have teamed up to support greater diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity opportunities abroad. We’re proud to announce our membership in Diversity Abroad, an organization preparing the next generation of global leaders. Diversity Abroad’s mission is to create equitable access to the benefits of global education by empowering educators, engaging stakeholders, and connecting diverse students to resources and opportunity.

With our institutional membership, Harvard students, faculty, and staff will benefit from tools and resources that help advance access, diversity, equity, and inclusion in global education.

Student Membership Benefits

We encourage students to create a free account with Diversity Abroad, where you can explore study abroad and internship opportunities, and find scholarships. You can also access peer-written articles, destination guides, and resources specific to students of color, students with disabilities, LGBTQ students, first generation college students, students with high financial need, gender and gender identity, ethnicity, religion, and more.

Faculty and Staff Membership Benefits

We invite Harvard staff and faculty to join the Diversity Network consortium using our Harvard membership invitation. With a sub-account under our membership account, you’ll be able to access the diversity and inclusion member resource center, which includes:

  • Advising guides for diverse and underrepresented students
  • Country diversity climate notes that provide an overview of issues of discrimination, equality, and racism
  • Faculty program leader resources
  • Resources specific to student identities
  • Community forums
  • Grants for professional learning and development
  • Thought leadership articles and toolkits

When you create your Harvard sub-account, you’ll receive an email from Your account will be approved once you click the confirmation link included in the email. Our membership in the consortium provides the University with 200 sub-accounts available on a first-come, first-served basis.