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Student Travel Policies

The student travel policies apply to undergraduate students, post-baccalaureate fellows, and graduate students traveling internationally with Harvard sponsorship. These policies, which were developed by University and School leadership, are designed to balance your academic freedom and your physical safety.

Review the policy closely to ensure you meet your pre-departure requirements in a timely manner to receive funding or credit.

Student Travel Forms

Check with your program administrator to verify which forms you’re required to submit before you complete any of the documents below.

Health Clearance

Download and complete this form if you're an undergraduate student going on a Harvard-sponsored trip that last two weeks or more or on a Harvard-led trip of any duration.

Travel Safety Questionnaire

Complete this online form if you're an undergraduate student traveling to an elevated-risk destination with Harvard sponsorship or a graduate student traveling to a high-risk destination with Harvard sponsorship.

If you're unable to log in with your HarvardKey to access the questionnaire, email Katherine Steevens,

Travel Waiver & Release Forms

Harvard-Organized Travel

Download and complete the applicable form below if your travel is organized or led by Harvard.

Independent Travel

Download and complete the applicable form below if your travel is not organized or led by Harvard (even if you're receiving Harvard funding).