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International Travel Registration for Groups & Others

To register groups and individuals other than yourself, you'll need to use the Travel Import Worksheet.

Common users of the worksheet are faculty and staff assistants, program administrators registering groups of travelers, and individuals registering a spouse, dependent, or companion who doesn’t have a Harvard email address.

Using the International Travel Import Worksheet

Follow the steps below, and submit the worksheet to us at least one week prior to departure.

  1. Download and complete the International Travel Import Worksheet according to the instructions. In order to avoid processing delays, do not modify the top two rows in the spreadsheet, change column names, change the order of columns, or copy/paste over cells with pre-defined drop-down menus.
  2. Save your completed worksheet and submit it via our secure webform.
  3. We'll upload the information into MyTrips, at which point each traveler will receive an email notification.
    • If they have a Harvard email address: They can log in to MyTrips to verify and update their information.
    • If they don't have a Harvard email address: Send us any changes to their itinerary, and we'll update it.

Tip: Bookmark this page to download the International Travel Import Worksheet each time you need to use it. We update and repost the worksheet several times a year to mirror updates made to International SOS MyTrips.

Contact us at +1-617-495-1111 if you have any questions.