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Travel Document Requirements

Passport and visa requirements vary by country and depend on your citizenship, reason for travel, length of stay, and number of entries required. Research your destination's requirements and apply early to avoid delays or disruptions in your travel.

International students and scholars should always consult advisors at the Harvard International Office before leaving the U.S. to ensure you can return without incident. If you have a single-entry U.S. visa and you plan to return to the U.S., you’ll need to obtain a new U.S. visa while abroad.

How to Get Advice and Submit an Application

On Your Own

You can obtain an outbound visa on your own from your destination country’s embassy or consulate in the U.S.

For U.S. citizens, you can apply for your passport directly through the U.S. State Department. Review their processing times and expedited services.

Through a Vendor

Visa and passport processing firms are often able to obtain travel documents more quickly than individual travelers and are beneficial for rush orders.

We’ve negotiated a reduced rate with Travel Document Systems (TDS), a visa and passport services vendor. For free, they’ll advise you on your visa requirements; and for a small fee, they’ll assist you with routine and expedited applications. To access their services and receive the reduced rate, visit the TDS portal for Harvard travelers. Using the visa search widget on their website, you can easily review visa requirements based on citizenship, destination, and reason for travel. 

You can also call TDS at +1-877-874-5104 Mondays—Fridays from 8 am–8:30 pm (EDT) for advice, to start an application, or to check progress on an application. For help in resolving issues with an application in progress, ask for the primary Harvard account manager, Dwayne Flowers, or the individual TDS staff member processing your visa (as listed on your order).

Request Proof of Evacuation & Repatriation Coverage

If your trip is eligible for the University's International SOS membership and you're required to show proof of evacuation and repatriation coverage in order to obtain a visa or other travel document, you can request a proof of coverage letter through our webform. We’ll send you the required letter as a PDF file within two business days, or contact you if additional information is required.

Request Letter

Note: You may also need to show proof of health insurance coverage. Contact your health insurance provider to request that letter.