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Preparing to Research or Work in a Conflict Zone

Close up of barbed wire at sunset

Photo via Ehmitrich/Unsplash

Before traveling to a conflict zone, make sure you understand the risks, put plans in place to mitigate them, and always prioritize your personal safety over your academic and research goals.

How to Understand & Mitigate the Risks

Traveling, working, or researching in a conflict zone is challenging and could be dangerous. It requires extensive research, planning, and preparation. The video and resources below can help you start the process.


Talk with Us

We also encourage you to meet with a member of our International Safety & Security team to discuss your travel and receive feedback on your plans. Challenging opportunities can be rewarding, but you should always prioritize your safety and well-being.

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In an Emergency

Remember, if you need medical, mental health, or security advice and evacuation support while overseas, call International SOS at +1-617-998-0000 or connect through the Assistance App. And don't forget to register your trip.