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How to Prepare for Natural Disasters

An older man in a green jacket and black pants stands in the road talking on a cell phone and stares at the rubble caused by an earthquake and tsunami in Japan

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Although rare, natural disasters can happen anywhere and at any time. Be informed, have a plan, and prepare for natural disasters abroad.

Traveling amid Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are often unforeseen, and you may have little advance warning. These events take many forms, ranging from hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions to tornadoes, wildfires, severe weather (heat, winter storms), floods, and landslides or mudslides.

Travel to locations where natural disasters are a risk requires extensive research, planning, and preparation. The video and resources below can help you start the process.

"Always be ready for disasters or emergencies even if you don't think they will happen to you! No one expects an earthquake to happen to them but once it does it saves you a lot of stress to know how to handle the situations and to know what resources are available to you.”

– Harvard undergraduate student


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