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Whether you’re planning for a semester abroad or operating an overseas research center, it helps to have a partner who can give you the big-picture expertise and on-the-ground tools you need to maximize your success. 

We offer over 40 different services in seven key areas.

Safety & Security

We help you stay safe and travel smart, no matter where you’re headed. Our pre-departure orientations, 1:1 trip consultations, country guides, and risk ratings help prepare you before you go. And our emergency response program, security intelligence, and alerts support you throughout your travel.

Pre-Departure Support

Safety & Security Planning

Mental & Physical Health

Staying healthy is critical to a positive and successful experience abroad. We partner with International SOS to offer the best in physical and mental health support. You’ll have access to 1:1 pre-departure consultations, in-country medical and mental health support, LGBTQ services, and a global network of providers.

Emergency Support


We’re your guide on the ground, giving you insight to cultural norms, customs, and expectations. Our resources, connections, and diverse professional experiences and backgrounds will help you prepare for any culture.

Country Guides

Visas & Documentation

We ease the complexity of outbound immigration by offering resources and advice on which travel documents you’ll need, expedited processing for outbound visas, and more.

Visas & Travel Documents


Hiring and employment are common obstacles for international activities. Our guidance in foreign employment and international staffing solutions will help you stay on track for success.


Financial and Legal Matters

Our consultative services can help you navigate the complexities of setting up operations abroad. We advise on budgeting, contracts, payments, banking, tax considerations, and more.


Legal Matters

Research Center Operations

For long-term activities on the ground, we offer a fee-for-service suite of operational capabilities. Our team of international experts can help you register an entity, open an office, hire staff, and manage payroll, grants, and gifts.

Research Center Operations



We're here to help. Set up a time to meet with us so we can discuss your specific needs. Whatever your international goals, we look forward to helping you go far.

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